hopper.: Small-Holder Farmers, Uganda’s Value Chain, Espresso Protection

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  1. “Great progress has been made over the last 20 years, but I believe producer organizations and small-holder coffee farmers still carry the heaviest burden.” Sara Morrocchi


  1. “I love putting on some music, guzzling coffee, catching up with the hair and make-up team (today it was with the insanely talented Min Min Ma and Renato Campora), and just seeing what we come up with that day.” Elle


  1. “So there we were, the young guy and me, standing out on the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon. I was about to head back to my hotel when the young guy asked me in English if I’d like to have a coffee with him.” The New Yorker


  1. “The farmer has been getting far less than five percent of the retail value,” Nkandu said. “Where does the 95% go? And the only way for this farmer to enhance the value that he’s getting from this coffee value chain is to upgrade.” VoaNews


  1. “Hakim Sulaimani is wearing a burgundy track jacket half-zipped over a crisp white shirt, with a black bag that reads “Degentrify your coffee” in bright orange letters slung across his shoulder.” Food and Wine


  1. “We created a self-service entry kind of thing,” Duane says, “where we set up an appointment. So you buy your coffee, get instructions to schedule your time and then you get a code to access [the store]. It was a way to keep the locals with us. And at-home coffee sales took off in 2020, so we didn’t wanna miss that ball.” Business Observer


  1. Italy is asking for the espresso to be awarded global protected status. It says the dark shot of coffee is a prized social and cultural ritual that should be put on Unesco‘s list of the world’s intangible heritage. Daily Mail