hopper.: Stranger Coffee, She’s a Champ, Hashtag Hambela and Coffee Shop Primetime. October 29,’17.


hopper: ‘of the moment, in the moment’ things moving and shaping specialty coffee culture in the now.



one: binge and get shook
A Delaware roasting company, BrandyWine Coffee Roasters dropped a coffee, Demogorgon, –  a blend of Gustavo De Jesus Riveria Ethiopia natural Kembata and Ethiopia washed Matahara  – with artwork to commemorate Season 2 of the Netflix Drama ‘Stranger Things’ which dropped, Friday, Oct 27.


The coffee is sold out but the Netflix series is still streaming. Boo. #design

two: boss coffee babe

Erika Vonie’s professional title could come with a lot of hyphens because she’s worked in coffee across a spectrum of roles from being a Barista, to Director of Coffee.


Now, she holds the Coffee Champs Masters title donned by the Global Tournament for Coffee. #industry

three: hashtag Hambela

Left strokes aren’t the only thing that can go viral. When a coffee shop and roaster, Onyx Coffee Lab  teams up with some super dance heroes, including Michelle R. Johnson, its Hambela Estate gets into the soul of its practitioners with a hip hop filter. Coffee from the Hambela Estate is sourced from The Ethiopian Gugi zone and has built quite a bar legacy.


Sound on. #music

four: This Is Coffee

A lot of memories are made in a coffee shop. And dare this culture say that the scene in Episode four of This Is Us fits the bill.  While there’s no charge here, except to the culture, for Toby’s non-coffee order that included requesting a barista to play a favorite song for he and his baby mommy-to-be.

this is us, still

Of course, this harks back to the Portlandia manifesto of things not do in a coffee shop, however, this culture likes to think that baristas are happy to oblige customers’ request when it comes to moments like telling the whole world of a coffee shop, that you’re going to be a father. Watch on Hulu here. #film