hopper.: United Airlines’ Recyclable Coffee Cups, Coffee-Gate and Sophie Turner, Coffee is a Superfood.

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1.Today, the barrio is glittered with new boutique coffee spots, bars, and record stores. These commercial adornments can be understood as omens of gentrification. Boyle Heights, LA

2.By now, you might have forgotten about the Game of Thrones coffee-gate; but Sophie Turner certainly hasn’t. Film

3.He has no plans to stop investing because coffee prices are lower. “I’m still turning a profit with coffee.” Brazil

4. Coffee is the fundamental fuel that Austinites run on. Austin

5. Biofuel, beeswax wraps and recyclable coffee cups: United debuts ‘eco-friendly flight’. USA

6. In short, coffee is a superfood. Inc.

7. He pulls out a wrinkled map of the US-Mexico border and points to the spot on the edge of Arizona where he plans to cross with his five-year-old son. “I’m leaving in 11 days,” he says. “There’s no money in coffee any more.” Guatemala

8. The average Chinese only drinks between 5-6 cups of coffee per year. That’s per year—not per day! China

9. One of the latest entries in the genre of exploring American poverty is Dignity, by Chris Arnade, a 284-page tome that blends coffee-table book photography, reportage and memoir.

10. Take a coffee break along the way: Koenji has some of Tokyo’s most unique cafes. Newsweek