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Venice Cold Brew

Venice Cold Brew

a wave is the ocean

If coffee had a season it might be that of an eternal summer. And, if coffee had a sound it might be that of sand cuddling sand on a beach in the Pacific Ocean, namely Venice. And, if coffee were to be a ripple of a wave among waves, Venice Cold Brew believes its part of something oceanic. Now in conversation.

Venice Cold Brew.: There’s a lot going on in coffee. And, people are doing a lot of different things in coffee. There are a lot of ideas about what the next wave of coffee will be.

c.: Do you think that a next wave as a focus, is even important?

vcb.: I believe cold brew is something really special. It’s at this place, finally, where a lot of young companies need to come in and develop something new. Not just piggyback on what’s there. I want to create a better experience. I want ‘wow, I love that.’

c.: That presumes that cold brew isn’t already a great experience, that it doesn’t have a ‘wow.’

vcb:. We’re trying to harness the acidity, to have something not too flat.

c.: The brand is Venice Cold Brew. Where is your coffee sourced?

vcb.: A direct trade source, roasted by folks that know what they’re doing, I went with them because as a roaster their profile sings to a taste that we’re looking for.

c.: So, who has your tune?

vcb.:  Sightglass. It’s the closet profile to what we’re doing. From the outside, it could like what we’re doing – cold brew – is just another cold brew.

c.: And, are you saying that its not?

vcb.: What we’re saying is that we’re not looking to block up the bottle. We want you to look through to the coffee – its amber, caramel, chocolate tones. We want something bright, uplifting, cold. We want you to see the type, pick it up and be tied into it.

In an effort to bring people more into cold coffee, Venice Cold Brew aims to bottle not just coffee, but a feeling that they feel is indigenous to the beach town that holds as many characters as the compounds coffee itself can contain and more.

c.: Do you think this idea of cold coffee can be the next wave?

vcb.: I think it can be. We certainly want to help redefine what cold brew is. Currently, there’s a small segment that knows about cold brew and its usually dark bottles, heavy sediment and a minimal experience. We do want to educate people about what cold brew is and what ours is, including our use of spring water for consistent delivery and its mineral content – as natural as it can be.

c.: How have you mitigated the experience of sediment and mineral content to allow your cold brew to distinguish itself?

We needed a rough grind with low fines. Working with Ditting grinders, Albert, Bezjian of Ditting USA came out himself. I told him what we needed. He’s developed a new gear for me to communicate with the burr and its been great working with the prototype – its exactly what we wanted. I was really inspired by Albert, he reminded me of the beauty of community – for someone of the past to meet someone going into the future was like oh, wow.

c.: Community is really beautiful. What a way to bridge the past and the present. With these new burrs, can you share what the process is like now?

vcb.: We get the coffee in, then, three to four days later, we’re grinding it, steeping it – it’s a 14-hour process. And then, the real magic happens in the filtration – more than one round of filtration occurs before its nitro flushed and bottled: clean, crisp, refreshing.

I first tasted Venice Cold Brew at an intimate launch party in Venice, yes, the cold coffee’s namesake. My first reaction was, ‘it doesn’t need milk.’ And, its flavor was being in a swing, eating a liquid bartlett pear with a twist of ripened lime at the finish. Yes, I felt somewhere near a playground and a sandbox.

c.: The naming of your cold brew and the vocabulary seems quite important to you. The way you talk about cold brew feels part of your own dominant narrative somehow. Can you share why?

vcb: I came to Venice about a year and a half ago and looked around. Los Angeles needs more products coming from LA. There can be a huge surge of business starting here that L.A. can call its own. We want to help give people what they want. I’m going to try to show you the magic land.

c.: Do you believe that Venice Cold Brew lives in that magic land?

vcb.: Yes. When I came here I was inspired by L.A. I was like ooh, I want to make some old brew. The coffee scene is in its infancy, its still being defined. What we want it to become: we want to be apart of what people come to LA and ask for and then export that vibe.

Exporting sandcastles, beach air and summertime vibes is surely welcomed. However, feeling it natively seems like the authentic and viable option. Since everyone can’t be in the same place at the same time, Exporting a feeling by means of a clear glass with type of a stencil, a coffee hue akin to chestnut and the feel of a couple soft waves ashore, bottling it might just be one way to go.

vcb.: I came to coffee as a consumer. I came through experience. What tastes good is the part of being a human in coffee. Maybe I’m too utopian.

c.: Well we’re all such individuals and coffee is both an individual and collective experience.

vcb.: I feel with cold brew there’s more of a chance to have a conversation. There’s diversity and depth to cold coffee and we care about the things that we touch. It’s about how you should feel.

c.: In coffee, feelings are original and the impetus for a wave begins with something original.

Learn more about Venice Cold Brew here.

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