In Season, Where to Coffee During NYFW, SS 16

lets get coffee


Before the fray of all that is fashion on the West Side and Midtown, come here where you might not nab a seat with your name on it. But it doesn’t matter, standing out of doors, on the pavement with the locals sipping from a local – now roasting its own house espresso, Fica is classic New York coffee culture at its best. Relax and watch the beautiful East Villagers pass you by.

Origin: Colombia, India, Brazil

Suggest: The above in a Black & Tan. Or, a piccolo baby. Trust us.

Blue Bottle Coffee

For the ultimate proximity to a show, Blue Bottle Coffee Chelsea is hinged to Milk, the creative studio that is a fashion destination during the week. As a neighbor its positioned perfectly, should you not mind the pre- and post- show wait, for a Gibraltar adorned with customary latte art or something poured over to stay.

Origin: Brazil, Guatemala, Uganda

Suggest: The Hayes Valley Espresso is grrreat for a quick pick me up – oranges and apples – or for a standard of ultimate comfort, coffee and milk in the form of a Gibraltar works.

Café Grumpy

In the heart of Chelsea and closer to the new location for midtown shows, Moynihan, stop here on your way up for its laptop free lifestyle and time to unwind before your next show. Armed with gluten-free goods from their own bakery and a bevy of sweet treats, you’ll find coffee and a something nice here.

Origin: Guatemala

Suggest: La Bolsa (La Huerta) with notes of strawberries, & cream, marzipan and papaya it sounds like the idyllic coffee for an evergreen summer currently in New York. Sip long, Sip well. Or if you must, take it on the road.

Ninth Street Espresso

Ever low-key, the purveyors of simplicity – in filter and espresso-based options – are in a nice enclave within the Chelsea market. They are a perfect compliment to your breakfast, lunch or just indoor coffee escape. Alphabet City is their staple, and with one so good, why defer to anything else.

Origin: Brazil

Suggest: Shot of Alphabet City Espresso

Jacks Wife Freda

A space made in the union of two in love has to be good right. In addition to getting a husband and wife moniker into the bistro’s identity, there’s coffee and a consortium of food options. Come here, with all your friends, and enjoy filling your table up to an instgram worthy shot, knowing that it is as good as it pictures.

Ralphs Coffee

You must pass fashion – the first floor of Ralph Lauren’s flagship space – to arrive on its second level, where Ralph Coffee exists. Confirming that coffee and fashion are a lifestyle pair, white rounds, brown wood chairs and mosaic tiled floors make it all a lovely cup of an experience. With seating for just 22, you’ll find it nice, packed and cozy just like the shows.

Beans: LA Colombe

Suggest: Fishtown Espresso in a cappuccino or Afrique, Reserve Blend, at roasters location.

Saturdays Surf NYC

Can’t everyday be Saturday. The kind of day where the air is a little bit lighter, freer, clearer. Perhaps that’s because most of humankind isn’t at work and taking the day for leisure. Enter into its space and you’ll want to grab a board even if you don’t surf and a cup of coffee even if you don’t drink coffee. Yea it has that lifestyle effect.

Suggest: A cortado, straight up!

Two Hands NYC

All hands are always on deck here. And, seriously, you can’t go wrong with any order. This culture suggests you try an Australian dinner, after all, that’s the only way you’ll see what the Australian way is all about. In addition, an avo toast, acai bowl and the gluten free banana bread now on the menu should be a round table of epic-ness for all.

Suggest: Outback Cap