head in the sand, why make a decision over a resolution.

head in the sand
My head has been in the sand, digging into 2017 and reverse engineering life. Looking at life as if I’m looking back on it, seeing the journey as the destination and not the other way around. Do you ever look at life like that? Like, this is it? Where you are, what you’re doing is it, how you’re living, is it! If you don’t like that ‘it’ change it.

But, try this on for thought, if I look ahead twenty years, could I see how I got there from where I stand now? When I realize that every-single-thing happens consciously or subconsciously because of my own creation, it takes the idea of radical responsibility for ones life to higher levels. I’m currently reading ‘Now or Never’ – one of the four books on my list this month – by the fam -Preston Smile and Alexi Panos – and  and doing a live workshop weekly with them for the next few weeks. We’re going in, deep! I’m a big believer in decisions over resolutions.

When you decide, everything changes, it’s just a matter of us showing up to find alignment with what life uniquely has for only us, our being, all along. I did this blind contour as a reminder that this head ‘work’ is necessary – there’s a lot more life to live, places to go, people to see, adventures to have, lovers to love. Dig deep my friends, sand doesn’t bite. | cde