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via Instagram's blog

via Instagram’s blog

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The app Instagram, had its very own wonder moment yesterday, which has become common to the music industry at this time of year – like Beyonce’s 2013 surprise visual album last December, and D’Angelo’s return to the music culture this past weekend.

After two years of being dormant on releasing new filters, Instagram, our social media platform of 300,000,000 million and counting, which shares over 70 million photos daily, released 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 new filters. Of course, from among the five, I’m particularly interested in one: crema.

Why, is that? Because, in the culture of coffee, crema refers to a thin layer of foam on top of a pulled shot of espresso. Its known for coming in a variety of hues – often when the hues of red, brown, with hints of orange intersect it can be considered ideal or what has been called the ‘God Shot’ in coffee.

If one is unfamiliar with crema, the sound of the word for a filter might conjure thoughts of the place Crema, Lombardy, or the Haitian alcoholic beverage Cremas, or the Mexican sour cream – thanks Wikipidea.

But, as my wondering mind wonders, I’m curious if Instagram’s use of crema is for the very resonance that coffee culture has to the platform. Coffee culture is a lifestyle that is well documented on the app. Many an iger grams their coffee date, visits to the coffee shop if not for coffee for some other delight, its architecture and ones encounter and lets not forget and even their coffee – the hashtag coffee itself has 28,324,691 filed so far, as of this writing. Massive, I tell ya’.

Does one think that Instagram recognizes this? I would say so. As a true and thriving community, coffee’s culture can now add this visual tool to it, to wax poetic as it ” “soften and subtly shift colors to achieve the look and feel you want,” says Instagram.

Well then, may we all, IG filters and beyond, vividly gram shots of our own surprises.

xoCo, hugs and coffee, crema