INTERVIEW.: An Iconic Meeting of Two Joe’s


A Joe meets a Joe in this iconic collaboration between a classic gum brand and a New York born and bred specialty coffee company.

I talk with Rebecca Silberfarb, Vice President of Brand Marketing for the Americas about their recent campaign – November 7 – 21,  2022  – which saw the gum brand collaborate with a specialty coffee brand. I ask about the inspiration behind Bazooka Joe’s  desire t create this collaboration, if the classic gum flavors inspired the coffee blend and much more.

Enjoy the interview below.

coffeetographer: Notwithstanding the hygienic need for a coffee drinker to maintain fresh breath after a serving of coffee, why did Bazooka land on a gum collaboration with a New York specialty coffee brand?

Rebecca Silberfarb: Bazooka Bubble Gum and Birch Coffee are two NYC based companies who have a common thread of appreciating the classics. As we looked for partners to help us celebrate the brand’s 75th milestone anniversary, we thought Birch would be a great fit to pair with our own pop culture icon, Bazooka Joe, with a classic ‘Cup of Joe’. We wanted to culminate our year-long celebration in NYC as the brand started here in Brooklyn and our company is still headquartered in NYC today.

çoffeetographer: I grew up chewing and reading Bazooka Joe. Like many, the treat was in the pink rectangles that turned into a chewing thrill as well as the comics whose storytelling of an adventure was pure fun. How do you hope this collaboration inspires the same – exploration and ‘classic’ fun?

SILBERFARB: We hope that this collaboration inspires fans, just like yourself, the chance to rediscover the nostalgic moments they once had with Bazooka. It is meant to remind people to take a moment in their day for themselves where they can sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee, and read a classic, funny Bazooka Joe comic.

coffeetographer: We know that specialty coffee comes from storied origins and it’s journey to being a product that we can consume isn’t short of that legacy  – one that connects us as the consumer/drinker to what’s in the cup and beyond. How did the art of storytelling play a role in this collaboration concept? Furthermore, what does Bazooka desire from aligning itself with Birch – for those that appreciate its novelty and for those that will be discovering them for the first time?


SILBERFARB: While Bazooka Joe comics are short and punchy, they are great conversation starters. We hope that each comic shared over a cup of coffee at Birch, gets people talking and sharing stories with one another again. Both Bazooka and Birch see the beauty in taking a trip down memory lane and wanted our fans to experience that too. Fans that remember how classic Bazooka Joe has always been, as well as those being introduced to him for the first time, can still appreciate the classic style and clever storytelling that make up each and every comic.

coffeetographer: Lastly, was there any inspiration from the Bazooka flavor itself that inspired or influenced the coffee with which Birch chose to use for this collaboration?

SILBERFARB: Our consumers look back fondly on their childhoods and remember chewing Bazooka Bubble Gum and reading the Bazooka Joe comics as a simpler time in life. While the Bazooka Original Gum flavor is distinct and memorable, the collaboration really goes beyond this to represent the spirit of the brand and evoke the nostalgic feeling our consumers have. The blend created with Birch Coffee is a real classic ‘Cup of Joe’ and fits well with the nostalgia for simpler times. Our fans are excited to sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee while giving a chuckle to the Bazooka Joe comics and fortunes.