design.: an Interview with KUARTO’s Raul Andres Diaz and Coffee Table 001

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Coffee Table 001, Raul Andres Diaz

I was just scrolling instagram minding my own visual business. Then I saw it; it stopped me in my scroll – the beautiful Coffee Table 001. When I first saw it; I knew I wanted it. And, when I scrolled away from it on Instagram, it kept popping up in my thoughts. Then I knew I needed it: for its simplicity, its naturalness and its beautiful lines that make me want to have coffee and things, like all the time. I reached out to KUARTO, a brand store selling objects for home and life – to interview the designer and creator behind this new arrival to its store: Raul Andres Diaz.

c.: To whom does the culture thank for giving us this design and craft work into our future rooms

Raul.: I designed this coffee table about 3 years ago and made the first prototype myself. Now I have a team who helps with production and assembly.

c.: A coffee table is a staple for many homes, especially its in living room section. What inspired Kuarto creating a utilitarian device such as this for the home?

Raul: Other than the fact that design was there and the interest as well, KUARTO is always aiming to create products that flow with life’s natural everyday flow. We’re trying to put out products you interact with daily but making sure they’re of quality and simplicity.

c.: I’ve been told it comes as one piece. Can you share a little about the method behind the tables design curves, which caught me in my visual tracks when I first saw it across Instagram.

Raul.: Yea its fully assembled as one, the curved “legs” are steamed and bent under a formed press to form the shape.

c.: Some coffee tables are high art and decorative, some are minimalist forms of functions, holding coffee and at tines not coffee at all.  Is there a specific hope that you have for Coffee Table 001 that it is either/or both?

Raul.: I hope it’s both, my main focus in design is function first and then taking as much away as possible. The less the better. Simple shapes and materials are often overlooked but for me they resemble less noise in our everyday lives. So simple they actually stand out.

c.: Does Coffee Table 001 hint at a 002?

Raul: Our product names will always be as simple as possible ,also almost like a SKU. Enables us to keep track and almost acts like a record. The fact that it can be the one and only or there can be 100 different ones gives us ease of mind to leave it or build on it.

Let’s leave one right at my house, because double zero one is coming home with me. Follow Raul Andres Diaz work here.

from Long Beach, CA

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