journal.: A Happy Place on Earth, The French Block Cafe, Soho

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I ordered an espresso at the bar. The cups were too darling not to. And the tiled floor felt very French chic, like I wanted to dance on it, absorbed all the human energy that come before me through my feet.

My coffee date had a cappuccino. We took both our drinks out of doors. Then we played on the wicker chairs in front of this coffee front – people watching and talking about little discoveries in life, in this city, if only we just stop worrying about what doesn’t need worrying about and get on to being great.

I’ve passed this spot so many times, with its picturesque framing and beautiful people loitering alfresco and lounging within and said ‘I’ll come back when I feel cool enough.’ Yes, I too, have moments of feeling like, ‘I’m not cool
enough to go in there.’  Imagine that!

First times at coffee shops give me all the nerves at times. And then, it either quickly passes or I return armed in platforms and vintage to take it on.  This first day of fall, I definitely had on vintage but switched my platforms for a pair of Nike kicks because it was going to be a long work day.

When life delivered this little gem to my consciousness in route to another destination, it seemed that it wasn’t coincidental at all.  It pulled us right to it.

A man said upon entering, as I vacillated on choosing espresso or something milk based, “best espresso in the city.”

Did that influence my soon-to-be-espresso order? Perhaps. Or, maybe it was the happy gents behind the counter whose service was framed by fresh flowers; a pristine espresso machine, pretty lined vases of lavender and a row of Monin syrups. Or, maybe it was the French music floating above our heads, and accents seeping into my left ear, whose lobe was tuned to the bar, while my right was on the woman in the window frame, with the cool denim jeans – cut and sheared, or maybe it was the two men outside, on the sidewalk in a lively discussion with Menthol cigarettes as their witness – that made me feel like a Parisian and ordered a single shot, standing.

Taking coffee standing reminds me of my first European coffee experiences: people hovering at the bar, people congregating together outside,  people chattering at levels which clearly signaled that hands and eyes fixated into electronic devices hadn’t become the norm…yet.

This is why I go to coffee shops, to be taken away by all my senses, to sip a shot and wish I said a double instead of a single – because the espresso tasted like pressed plums and caramel covered popcorn. I’ve never had such a good combination in my life, and that,  on this day with the most inspiring company made this a happy place on earth.

We are cool enough to do all the things and go all the places we want to, we just got to get out of our head.

Wearing: Fair Season Vintage