journal.: Drinking Coffee with the FilterLess Walkure

brew this way


It’s not a secret, I love coffee. I love even more having my coffee at a coffee shop where a barista can expend their craft in behalf of my lifestyle need.

However, over the years, that love has required more of me. Its required investing in a coffee setup for my home. This means, of the myriads of coffee roasters I want to try I can play with their profile at home and to my own liking, even if that means messing up a couple brews.  I must admit getting and trying new coffees is fun; although I don’t always have time for the experiments I want to try when I’m often ready for just a great cup of coffee or coffee and milk.

This is where I rely on independent coffee shops at large to school me, introduce me to new coffees and explore their new devices on me. I’m a captive audience. I got a chance to have my eyes and receptor cells opened to flavors in coffee through a brewing device that’s new to me,  from our partners at Cafe Demitasse.


Walküre Bayreuth Porcelain Pour Over

Called the Walkure, this German ceramic brew device was selected as part of a year-long commitment by the local L.A. roaster to improve efficiency through increasing its sustainable measures and eliminate single use waste.  This has meant getting rid of what isn’t sustainable, replacing products for others and searching the world wide web of information for the best in everything from straws to filters.

What is ingenue about the Walkure ceramic brewers is it’s an all-in-one brewing mechanism alleviating the need for paper, plastic or metal filters. In essence, coffee becomes the filter as it seals the holes on the upper brew device before passing the coffee through the bottom part of the device.  Given that I brew through a stainless-steel filter at home, sans paper or plastic I was intrigued to take Bobby, founder of Café Demitasse up on the offer to see it in action.

I took a trip down to the Little Tokyo location, the first location to roll and test out the Walkure where Bobby brewed a cup for my himself. I’m so spoiled at times I swear.  As he brewed a juicy Kenyan coffee on the device, 2000 masl, 70 grams of coffee every 45 seconds.  He shared his reasons for wanting to venture into arena of ceramic brewing,

“I had zero faith that this was going to be any good, but it was surprisingly a clean cup of coffee, still lets in oils and gives it extra flavor,” said Roshan.

One: I observe its sleek and minimal ceramic look. This bodes well for homes that want to maintain a pristine aesthetic in their kitchen while making coffee.

Two: The pieces involved in the maker all fit within itself, making its design efficient and far from cumbersome. Another nod to its smart design, especially in a world where amassing more of what we don’t need can easily happen for the gadget enthusiast who happens to love coffee goods as well.

Three: For the shop or home barista, the built-in distributor allows the coffee to evenly disperse making sure the extraction is balanced as well as what yields into the cup.

As we watched the coffee drip out into a single serving of coffee -12 ounces- I thought to myself about the beauty of smart design paired with beautiful coffee. To think, where would our rituals be or even develop into, if not for us asking questions about how we can do what we do better.

I then spent the next 15 minutes, sipping on my Kenyan coffee grown in the mountains of Africa that tasted like sweet red grapes and energizing maca. Waste not, want not.

Look for the Walkure at Cafe Demitasse coffee bars and enjoy your self a single use brew method cup.