journal.: Eight is Enough Four Barrel Coffee.

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About Four Barrel and the alleged accusations reported on by @JustMrPhillips in The San Francisco Chronicle.

To the humans and women who have given their voice a voice, thank you for not living as the unheard or as a mystery.

To the humans, ownership that at any time facilitated, or allowed a culture in coffee and/or in the workplace – behind the bar and beyond – to say yes to acts of inhumanity when no should have been shouted, was an error against civility and decency.

To the unspoken rules; clubs of men, hierarchies, systems, media organizations – big and independent -the product you make: be it a piece of journalism, a bag of coffee, a camper mug to a tweet does not empower you to disempower.

I’ve experienced marginalization, racism, verbal abuse, online bullying and micro-aggression within the coffee industry. This industry is extremely intimate and small, but not too small to get a pass if it breaks the rules.

So now what, does one support a company – visit its establishments, drink its coffee from other specialty shop, subscribe to its coffee – once it takes action to remove toxic leadership and referee its existing infrastructue with external assistance?

You decide we decide. #eightisenough