journal.: Less Worry, More Wonder x PCP Fairfax

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Sometimes we need to stop updating our time line and live without a place to be. Sometimes you’ll need to make plans to have no plan. Sometimes I need someone to followup with me and remind me to have a funday, a week in advance, and then go wherever the wheels go. To go down streets that show life: like block after block of @supremenewyork loyalists waiting for a piece of something, passing tree-lined homes to find a park, only to throw yourself into reverse like the throttle of a backward rollercoaster and laugh at what wasn’t a joyride, have lunch where the proportions are so small that you’re satisfied, but you wonder “am I still hungry though”? \\\

Then, because time isn’t scheduled and the plan is to just go, you spend $3 to get into a local trading post and find the laughs between racks of old champion sweatshirts better than a comedy at a movie; find Victorian blouses, Senegalese tapestries, live bands and pomegranate juices more of a virtual lesson on current culture than a thought piece. Two coffees in, and the kind of belly laughs that bring both hands to your knees, one realizes, I realize, it’s not about the yes you’re waiting for, it’s not about the no’s that are coming, the silence that is happening, or the wonder that’s wants to be a worry, it’s about right here and right now with a $2 Navajo enamel pin you copped. It’s about the man at the magazine stand whose standing not too far from bae, warning you of taking a photo in the broad noon-light and to be careful because someone was robbed in this alley. \\\

It’s about, framing a photo of a day without any plans, and realizing it was actually the greatest plan after all. Life is an adventure, have one. Less worry, more wonder.