journal.: My Coffee This Week, DNA by Lightwave Coffee Roasters

living in the blur


DNA, by Lightwave Coffee

It was an off-shoot of something wild, a loner, save for the blur of flavors that skipped across my tongue. First, it was like plums and apricots. Then it turned on me. It became juicy, green grapes, almost overripe followed by sweet orange pepper. It felt like a newborn baby, soft and supple. It felt like an open August road, where landscapes and wild flowers are a blur, and oatmeal skies are the comfort of upward eyes. This is my coffee of the week – DNA– a blend of Beans from Colombia and Ethiopia roasted by Lightwave Coffee. I’ll be sticking my head out the window all week, living in the blur.

Pair this with ‘Spin the Globe’ by Lostboycrow.