journal.: Spend Time With Your Inner Daylight. With Mocciano Official.

inner daylight


It is more than okay to do things with a +0. 

Each week I fight for my personal coffee date – to go where I want, when I want and how I want. it turns out I often end up  running into someone I know on these days or that knows of the Coffeetographer from this lovely app, or Twitter or Facebook. 

When that happens, as it does and will, I’m almost overjoyed because it was the initial intention to make time for myself that brought time to the space in the first place. whatever happens after that, is the design of the universe and who am I to question that. 

I saw a friend Derek Taylor here, a coffee shop owner supporting another coffee shop; I love seeing this, and encourage more owners to get out and experience the characters of their fellow coffee shop community. 

Even more meta, I found this adorable backpack at Kiff Kafe and wore it at Great White Venice where I danced on my stool praising how good, an oat cortado could be. 

Everything is connected.  Take time for yourself, that’s no one job but yours and yours alone, because you have been with you, your entire life and know how best to care for you. if not, maybe a coffee shop date with pen and paper could be a good way to start figuring it out. and if you see me in your shop, let me interrupt if only to say Hi.