journal.: The World Series, Batting with Coffee.

the other kind of blue


The Los Angeles Dodgers are a storied franchise dripping in blue. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and almost every summer in my teenage years our family made a cameo to the stadium.

Memories that include multi-colored seats; Dodger dogs with mustard, ketchup and relish – in that order – seventh inning stretches; never catching a foul ball to hoping that sometime in my teen years or adulthood, Dodger Blue could become a World Series Champion again.

Twenty-nine years later, I’m a bi-coastal city dweller between New York and L.A. and the Dodgers are in the World Series kicking off Game One tonight at Dodger Stadium. I am not torn in loyalty, ever, for which city or team to root for, its always LA and by extension California. #thisteam

I am also rooting for the food revolution happening at the concession stands. Great coffee at a baseball game, or even specialty coffee brewed like it was an anomaly and far from a distant menu thought in the past gets modern treatment at the Stadium. I even wrote about where to coffee around Dodger Stadium if attending a game so years ago because current executive chef  Ryan Evans hadn’t revamped the menu, or been apart of Dodgers’ history, yet.

However, as the Dodgers have come a long way so has its menu which includ coffee from a brand that can still be considered among the  specialty major leagues.

Last year, Dodger fans ate 5.9 million hot dogs. And this year, stadium officials say they expect to sell 7 million hot dogs.

What’s really sweet for Dodger fans, is that one can find among ‘Trolley Dodger Treats: a premium dessert stand – where Stumptown Coffee  floats make themselves known. Stumptown started as an independent Portland coffee roaster propelling a movement of craft coffee defined by meticulously sourced beans from around the world and craft roasting coaxing flavor over char.

Evans, has created some special menus throughout this season’s matchup and this world series won’t be any different.

Tonight, the menu includes the return of the pastor nachos and fries; 1/3 pound “This Team?” dog, Shrimp Shooter with a Don Julio tequila and vegan goods. Based upon the World Series menu,  I’ll be running all over the stadium to complete my order of all the things I want to try:

  • Al Pastor Nachos,
  • Vegan Noodle Bowl
  • Smoked Chicken Platter, hold the chicken, give me the side, ramen slaw,
  • Cheet-o-lote
  • Souvenir Moscow Mule

After the 7th inning stretch

  • Belgian Waffle, hold the chicken,
  • Coffee Float

Let’ go Dodgers!