july series : an affogato in brooklyn, toby’s estate, via van leeuwen

I invite you to be unoriginal.

I welcome you to be daring.

Its the only way,

upon being combined,

to drown in two ingredients

which were like

the alpha and omega of affogatos.


perhaps, having an artisan ice cream shop –van leeuwen– hosting an Australian’s bean – Toby’s Estate– is the delectable advantage that this near corner spot, right off the exit of a Brooklyn subway has.

here, an affogato is “a scoop of van leeuwen artisan vanilla ice cream, drowned in espresso,” says the counter menu.” while I had my heart set on the flavor of strawberry in finalizing this    series –De Luxe, Red Horse Cafe, WTF CoffeeLab– Emily -the barista on deck with Harry- suggested I go for the palm sugar.

what is palm sugar? I didn’t know. but she and the ice cream menu accessibly explained it, “heritage palm sap, kettle boiled from Dawan, Bali.”

after an almost heaping sample taste of, I was sold. then, it arrived, in the clearest tumbler, with a two-time scoop of cream. minutes later, a double shot of Toby’s Estate, Woolloomooloo espresso hit its target and circled it like a pinball.

I took it to my wood grained table and scooped conservatively. OH.MY.GOD! Wooloohooooo!

honestly, everything afterwards seemed like like a blur, until I reached the bottom, which was like a little puddle of espresso and palm sap. I guess I was  drowning and I loved every spoon of it.

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