Hopper.: Lana Del Rey’s Coffee Chemtrails, Haute Coffee Sauce, ATL’s Portrait Coffee Soul.


hot off the press

illustration, Abbey Lossing

1. Options to meet up for coffee might be limited, but Lana Del Ray Chemtrails Over the Country Club wants to mee you for coffee at the elementary school. Alfred Coffee opens in Venice, CA with a new look and a marriage of its coffee and tea room brand.

2.The Santa Monica based Good Boy Bob and Culver City newish-comer is ramping up its coffee offerings and issues a call for bag designs.

3. This is one way to start the morning, take a seat, stretch and French Press.

4. This is hot and haute. Saus’ Hot Coffee Sauce stands in minimalistic packaging with storytelling that tells of the punch this food drizzling condiment can induce. Add to cart now.

5. The Italian drink, con panna isn’t on enough coffee menus. Devout Coffee might just garner some new adherents with its February variation Con Panna Fragola.

6. In a Grub Street interview with Jeremy Levick and Rajat Suresh. a comedy duo who take food seriously, they share their eats for a week. It includes a decent amount of call and quotes Andrew Yang’s power breakfast “bananas and coffee.”

7. Atlanta Portrait Coffee releases Soul Food, a Matchbook Coffee Collaboration inspired by cooking, soul and coffee’s enduring power to unite its drinker. Listen to roaster Aaron Fender discuss his journey from British tea culture to Jamaican American coffee roaster.