Lets Celebrate III

Hello Lovelies,

As usual, I ask that if you choose to celebrate the journey of this space to support a local independent coffee shop today and tag me on instagram with @thecoffeetographer or the #coffeetographer.

I also encourage you in the spirit of coffee culture to notice someone today, commune with them, look at the art in the coffee shop, hear the music, do coffeetography and share it with the world in your own way.

Second, if you follow smdlr’s twitter feed this is what you’ll see today. Every hour starting at noon EST, I’ll be doing a recap, just like last year of smdlr’s most memorable moments from year two prefaced by “anniversary tweet.”

With a few hundred posts over the last year alone, this space -as smdlr –  served whats brewed in culture so well.  I’m proud to move forward with this cultural revolution as the coffeetographer.

As always, the celebration is accompanied with music. Wake up and smell the culture, its alive – Long Live Us! cde