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I believe adventure begins in the mind, spreads to the heart and manifests itself within the human spirit. And so, it was such a series of intangibles that created a day trip to Costa Mesa. The fact to being in a coastal town,  is that one is bound to see ocean and with the ocean comes freedom – that feeling of being able to transcend thoughts, expand human will and create new realities.

While day tripping, walks for coffee are always included. It’s there that I get to be creative, let my thoughts play.  While playing, the beauty of sharp lines contrasted with nature were a consistent and juxtaposed trope.


My first coffee stop was Milk and Honey.

Let’s just say I felt like the coast came to me with its design: outdoor patio, hanging trellis and wood slat benches perfect for lingering and photo snapping. Have anything iced, seriously, you can’t go wrong.

During the day, I met a local who suggested I stop at  Vitaly for coffee and I did. The lifestyle eatery contained gelato, reads and of course coffee. I saw some menu Italian menu items which I hadn’t heard of before Instead of going for a regular drink, because, why not? Isn’t the fun of an adventure to do something new? To be honest , upon my first sip I didn’t like it.  I’m a food minimalist; I prefer Nutella alone or just a touch if it as a compliment. This was putty atop espresso with cream – perfect for one desiring a healthy dose of it, just not my cup of ‘tea’.


I stopped to visit Roaster of the Year, Portola Coffee Roasters. The setup is exactly as I remember it, complete with fauna, and a few tables but with a new bar area along its perimeter.  It was nice to see Theorem in its husky light and intimate approach primed for explorers.


Afterwards, I took a drive down to the actual coast itself, playing until the sun gave up its light. There’s more to discover here and new expressions of coffee to experience. Until then….

c, xoCo

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