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Since American Football had its start, its grown to be a cultural ritual, claiming space in the lives of many, on a given Sunday when two teams; run, throw, pass, kick and flag their way to one becoming a champion.

As men, women, children and the animal inclined gather around a communal screen for differing loves, be it the game, the players or to be in the company of another, there is one universal player in attendance among them all – food.

Undoubtedly, ‘cold ones’ also known as beer, will be a contender. This year, there’s another cold one that should merit your consideration – all that’s fit to bottle, the great cold brew [coffee]. Thus, enjoy this series, a quarter by quarter cold play featuring independent cold brew coffee makers. Bottle Up!

League: LA

My Notes:

herb + cocoa

Inception: I wanted to come up with a product that could bridge the gap between the average coffee drinker and the specialty coffee world.

Process: I use great coffee, brewed with care…that’s all I can tell you.

Beans: I work with a wonderful roaster out of Ventura, Beacon Coffee.

Design: I believe when the presentation of a product has been cared for, then usually the product itself has as well.

Philosophy:  I wanted a well balanced blend that tastes like chocolate, caramel with some berry sweetness.

Touch Down Music:
Hot in Herre by Nelly

Football Analogy:


Cold Brew. Everything else is just domestic violence.”


League: Long Beach

My Notes:

Caramels, for days.

Inception: Long Beach gets hot. Iced coffee is very popular, I was watching cold brew gain in popularity, but staying as a sort of “pantry cleaner” beverage. I wanted to put the cold brew we were selling on the same pedestal as our pour-over options.


I think the pivotal step in our process is simplicity. We keep a universal ratio of water to coffee and brew time for all of the batches we do. we taste test each individual batch and add water… brewed for 16 hours at room temperature.

Beans: We are very careful in the coffees we select.

Design: Fun wild, readable. Jake Crawley aka Creep helped us design the art. And, Evan Backes is a minimalist and has very clean style, he helped us come up with the bottles information.

Philosophy:  Its gotta be an awesome coffee, otherwise I’m not interested in selling it at the shop.

Touch Down Music:

ELO’s “Showdown” 

Football Analogy:

Our coffee is as cozy as Tom Brady’s post-game turtleneck.

League: North Carolina

Jenny Says:

Ginger snap, stone fruit and florals.

Inception: As my husband developed in coffee, I dabbled in things at home. My interest turned into hobby, into a passion, into a good thing.

Process: I use great coffee, brewed with care…that’s all I can tell you.

Beans: It starts with quality, fresh crop. in season coffee. I want to match things together, like, “everything I love about summertime, I can put it into a bottle for summer.”

Design: A lot of it, are things that are personal to me.  A juxtaposition of modern and rustic – I wanted it to be able to adapt to its environment.

Philosophy:  I wanted an exceptional specialty coffee experience wherever they wanted to have that experience.

Touch Down Music:
The crescendo of “Under Pressure” by Queen with David Bowie.

Football Analogy:

Slingshot is like the Troy Polamalu from The Pittsburgh Steelers; a quiet warrior and humble leader. He stands out because he doesn’t accept mediocrity.

League: Costa Mesa

My notes:

Chocolate covered plum, fig.

Inception: When we [Bryan and David] first started tinkering with cold brew coffee, its presence in Southern California was minimal. We share common interest: surfing, surf history, vintage items that are of enduring quality.

Process: We work very closely with an amazing, local craft roaster, right here in Costa Mesa.  He specializes in organic coffees and he’s a master at his craft.  If we’re not talking about coffee, we’re talking about surfing!

Beans:  We wanted a supremely drinkable low acid cold brew,  that had a deep, rich flavor with a chocolate finish.  We use a 4 region blend which allows us to maintain consistency throughout the year as crops vary.

Design: I wanted a bottle that would be something that our customers would want to keep or repurpose.  Printed bottles are classic and durable – we love that.

Philosophy:  Our ethos [is] enduring quality. The double filtered process is necessary for a good finished product.   Our filtration process is pretty unique in the fact that the finished product isn’t overly processed – hence the term “sludge” – bold flavor without stripping its essential oils.

Touch Down Music:
JD McPreson “Firebug”.  If that song doesn’t get you stomping your feet, nothing will!

Football Analogy:

I guess we’d be like Vince Lombardi and the Packers.  We’re passionate about our philosophies…with a little luck, we’ll have a track record like him!


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