Long Beach’s Wolf’s Brew New Design is More than Package Deep

thirsty like a wolf

And there I was, like many of us sometimes are, in the comfort of home doing the thoughtful scrolling of Instagram, when something so beautiful came before my screen.  An image composed of an illustrated coffee package gave me a Breakfast at Tiffany’s kind of morning vibe, paired with a Frida Kahlo slant. I needed to know more about this beautiful art that was speaking to what I was then and often do, drink coffee. The next five answered questions from co-owner Bryer Garcia on behalf of Wolf’s Brew proves that beauty is package deep.

c.: Can you tell me about the decision to create these newly designed branded bags for Wolf’s Brew?  We wanted to move towards rebranding ourselves more with our lifestyle rather than just our name itself. Having Wolf’s Brew as our name and having a wolf as our logo is evolving more to our true representation of ourselves. 

bg.: What was the inspiration behind the creative process to bring this project to life? The creative process came purely from what I pictured myself or our customers feeling, when they drink our coffee and experience our space. Our friend and artist Omar Martinez, a Long Beach local and artist helped us to put our ideas to color. 

c.: Good design is said to be attractive, practical and tell a story.  When I see these bags, I see a story. I think I’ve even made one up about this woman, who she is, what she’s drinking, where she’s going after her ritual cup.  Is there a story behind this character?

This is where sometimes my ideas are because of life experiences and people that have influenced life. The woman (girl) pictured is inspired from my ex-wife. She started the journey of opening my own business and helping me to pursue my dream.  I have wanted my own business for more than 10 years and knew that it would come at the right time in my life and when I was ready.  She was everything and she was the reason I felt fulfilled in my life for the first time. When we decided it was time to fulfill my dream and open my own business, she was very much a huge part of my inspiration and journey.  Even though she is gone … I will never forget her part in my life and in helping to achieve my dream.  The bag is not only a creative experience, but it is also a homage to her. 

c.: What was your strategic process about when and how you wanted to roll out the bags? Since it’s the holiday season did you want it to be a gift to the brand, from the brand? 

bg.: There was no time frame on when we wanted to release the bags. We just wanted to enjoy the creative process and allow it to be more organic than actual time frame. When they are ready, they are ready.

c.:. I know that Wolf’s Brew has been a multi-roaster shop? Is this new design an indication of something more we can expect from Wolf’s Brew in terms of roasting?

bg.: We have always been about helping and supporting others, whether through art, plants, coffee etc. Our collaborations and relationships we have come to appreciate and work with will and have always meant so much to us.  Yes, we will continue to support other shops, roasters. And even though our goal is to build out our roaster we will continue to be a multi-roaster.

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