wellness.: Microfood, Not MircoBeads x Lush


sea salt, polenta, almond,


not microbeads

Our oceans need us. By choosing to use products with natural ingredients we honor our skin and our ocean.

Choosing products with such natural ingredients minimizes the amount of microplastics entering our ocean from their existence in body scrubs, soaps and toothpaste.

As a company that only uses natural exfoliants, Lush has partnered with 5 Gyres “to promote a ban on microbeads and promote healthy alternative ingredients. For them the solution is natural and I like that.

lush face scrub

lush face scrub

“Natural exfoliants like sea salt, sand, ground almonds, polenta and charcoal offer a different textures to remove dead skin cells on any part of your body. And when you wash them down the drain, these exfoliants break down naturally without harming the ecosystem.”

I couldn’t have said it better. #banthebead