maria & elena | brooklyn via denmark

Inside, there’s a red head and a blond. They are Danish. One is a professional window washer, the other is a history teacher. How disparate and cool! Let me be transparent. Who you are meeting – Elena and Maria – are my friends. After road-tripping in the U.S. they returned to Brooklyn and met me. I ordered us all iced lattes, of course. Then we each added to the collective chime of catch-up chatter.

You know that feeling you get when you’re near a clear brook, a forest bearded with moss or, a rock mound such as we were on and realize that the contemplations you had while in that very spot – the very ones that gave you license to pause and stare into space – will be with you forever. That’s the feeling I had.

Oh and one other thing, the rock that I was sitting on was like us, just right in our unfinished natural element.  Ahhhh… friendship.

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