Nina, Blue Bottle Coffee, Broadway, DTLA

blue jean baby


Nina, Blue Bottle Coffee, Broadway

It is quite possible I noticed her washed denim, which cut into flares with soft strings of cotton blowing in the wind before I saw her. Actually, I think that’s the reality. She walked out of Blue Bottle Coffee as I walked in. And then, just like that she was gone with my eyes trailing her white fringes.

I liked her style, it was simple, hers and yet, on trend. It felt good!

I went on to order a coffee, muse around the library and found conversation with a gent at one of the island bars. Before I knew it, time had passed, my half-cafe Gibraltar consumed and she was walking into the store. Wait, what? I had to know a little more, specifically what was her coffee order.

“I don’t drink regular milk so I usually have an almond Gibraltar.”Curiosity leading me further,  I probed, “What do you think of the space here?”

“I think it’s really cool what they’re doing here, especially what they’re doing for the community with the library,” she said.

I agree that while coffee with a cause is on trend, providing a space for printed matter to be alongside a coffee shop’s cultural offering in an ever revitalized downtown is a direction I can journey into.

As we departed, she made her way to the counter and then behind it, as it turns out she’s a barista here. Blue Jean cool!

Coffee Shop: Blue Bottle Coffee,

Location: Broadway, DTLA