mixtape.: Yea Yea Ya. March 7, 2017

its complicated

chermelle-edwards-coffeetographer-mixtape-music-indie-coffee-shops-2017Bans. Diversity. Fair Wages. Women’s Workforce Equality. This country and coffee has issues. Where does one go to sound off about them? What has been done, not just yesterday, but lately to foster inclusion and love for the existence of humanity in this country and in the spaces where all should be able to commune – from a corner liquor store, an airport terminal to a coffee shop?

These topics are the ones heard today in our watering holes. With them come the music that eerily speaks to the state of our times and the future of how one can cope. These eight songs curated from the following coffee shops in Los Angeles are the sound of this time.

Blacktop Coffee

Coffee, Coffee

Hermanos Coffee

Maru Coffee

The Refinery

Smith & Tait