music.: A Mixtape, Baby, It’s Our Summer Now.

coquettish in the summer

Five Leaves, Brooklyn, NY

I love it here. I don’t get a chance to come here nearly as much as I’d like. So returning for a cortado from the walk-upwindow and seeing the ‘green Starbucks lady’ across the street, just got my blood going.

I mean really, why do you have to pop up on corners of established independents where the culture is it’s own, and thriving?

oh yea… because the established, independent and thriving culture is where the authenticity and legitimacy is, right? right: got it!

Here’s what else I got: summer is coming, it’s just a couple of days away. It’s that season where people frolick in green spaces; get cautiously tipsy in the great and local outdoors, let their skirts twirl a little longer to the banjo, ask the girl in the seafoam pImps at the bodega for her number, look over their shoulders in a Lyft at the gent with the freckles, plan brunches with wicker baskets, play adult hooky and so much more. 

Did I say that I love summer yet? 

To commence the seasons oncoming, I’ve curated a list of songs played in coffee shops I recently visited, hey evoke the mood of coquettish independence, freedom, discovery, wanderlust and zest – what a summer-filled life is made of at least for me. 

Please enjoy and press play at link below. 

Coffee Shops

1.Alibi Coffee


3.Five Leaves

4.Grade Coffee

5.Kinfolk Life

6.Lord Windsor Coffee

7.S,T Coffee