music.: A Mixtape, Hot, Humid + Almost Heavy

press play


Upstate Stock, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


It’s the heart of summer.  Coffee shops become an oasis for water cooler talk, watering hole level drinks and requests for water plus coffee beans which make coffee, the drink that this culture love.

While in, out and remaining in these places, the music entered across the coasts of L.A. and New York weaving together a story of a generation at times lost, in the midst of romantic longing and finding its way once more.

Enjoy the music. Enjoy your August.


1. Dinosaur Coffee

2. Happy Bones

3. McNally’s Bookstore Cafe

4.  Five Leaves Greenpoint

5. Upstate Stock

6. Menotti’s Venice

7. Sweatshop

8. Super Domestic

9. Saachi

10. Café Integral