music.: A New York Mixtape ‘Brighten The Gloom’

you can make it 

Sey Coffee, June 2019

New York and its boroughs are considered a jungle, city of dreams and the anywhere place where you can make it. It is also a city full of people living as citizens in this jungle, dreaming realized ideas and making it their success story.

While all this is occurring, including the meeting of the people with the people over coffee their is a soundtrack to the pursuit of self, success and happiness, even for the founder of The Coffeetographer.

These songs were curated from being in New York and its boroughs’ coffee spaces while on the brink of the beginning of summer- humidity, thunderstorms and June gloom.

1. Cotter Barber

2. Felix Coffee Roasting

3. Happy Bones

4. Parkside Coffee & Ice Cream

5. Playground Coffee Shop

6. Sey Coffee

7. The Tillary Hotel