music. Beirut’s drinking a ‘Rock of Gibraltar’

Band Beirut has us drinking a ‘Rock of Gibraltar’

On September 11th, Beirut will release its upcoming album ‘No, No,No,’ from which its current single Gibraltar now plays. Gibraltar – the single – takes place on that famous limestone rock of the same name from the Jurassic period of human history.

As Gibraltar is a pillar of natural history, so is the drink, ‘Gibraltar’ to the culture of coffee. Starting on the West Coast, as an informal drink among roasters of Blue Bottle Coffee, a Gibraltar was served in a Libbey Glass its ratio of warm milk to coffee cut by espresso. As Beirut finds itself along the shores of sandy pantone schemes, vintage suitcases and congos, “everything seems to be fine.”

To these rocks, this culture sings, yes, yes, yes.

yes, yes, yes,

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