music: Caffé Lena at Brooklyn Book Festival with The Living Room

Caffe Lena at Brooklyn Book  Festival

Caffe Lena at Brooklyn Book Festival

Last Fall, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jocelyn Arem, about her book ‘Caffé Lena, Inside America’s Legendary Folk CoffeeHouse’ on the woman, Lena Spencer and the many musicians who graced the Caffé Lena stage.

Caffè Lena Book cover

Caffè Lena Book cover

Almost a year later, the book enters its second printing, and to celebrate that, this Tuesday, September 16, as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival and with powerhouse books, an evening of a folk coffee house music takes place at The Living Room, in its new Williamsburg space.

I’m happy to join the stage as moderator between a couple live music sessions, for a chat with Jocelyn Arem and Steve Rosenthal about music, history and of course, the Caffé The artists playing this night, include Jean Rohe, Sean Altman, Jes Hudak, Garry Novikoff and Freedy Johnston. Come on down, hear the music, live the legends.

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