music.: Cardi, Coffee and a Diner Counter

how do you like it?

Cardi Solo Pepsi

A man sitting at a booth asks for a [coffee,] to which the waitress replies, “a pour over OK?”


Actually,a man sitting at a booth asks for a Coke, to which the waitress replies, “a Pepsi, ok?

Enter rapper Cardi B who schools the waitress.

“Did you just ask is Pepsi okurrr!?” she asks. When the waitress responds, totally dumbfounded, the rapper adds, “Of course Pepsi is okurrr!”

Imagine going to a diner and asking if you could have a coffee and the waitress said, “Is a pour over okay?”

In the context of a diner where cushioned booths, throwback uniforms and nostalgic menus could make one assume that the more modern approach to making a serving of coffee didn’t exist there, I’d echo an Okurrr too like a proper lady sitting in a booth drinking my diner mug of coffee.


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