music.: Coachella Rising 2017



Variety Coffee Roasters, Chelsea.

Coachella is here! And with it the dust inclined, palm tree swaying, polo field of musical dreams that inspires all the parties, the food, art installations and coffee stands one could desire. This culture loves outdoor gatherings, it’s where it sees coffee – cold coffee and tea -take on fun form while holding true to its specialty nature.

While, there will be other local coffee booths from the valley and beyond  this culture zones in on a few the specialty cafe fronts making a cameo. Consider it like an independent artist making it to the main stage except the indie artist is coffee and this year it gets treatment from the field to V.I.P.



@menottis, Instagram

A Venice based boardwalk coffee front founded by two friends Christopher Nicely Abel and Derek G. Taylor. ‘Nicely’ is a staple to modern specialty coffee culture. His affinity for coffee, expert pulls, finely crafted pours, silky microfoam and the five ounce make him a barista to be served by. And Taylor, his partner in coffee, hails from an extensive music background including playing drums for the likes of artist, Her Name Is Banks.

Together, the two with their coffee and music – vinyl in the shop only – makes them key figures in the specialty coffee industry and community at large. Coming to quench your coffee thirst, do so from these very important coffee people serving: cold brew, nitro and espresso. Hop on it!

Go Get ‘Em Tiger | General Admission

They’ve pursued their dream: coffee. Kyle Granville is a U.S Barista Champion (2008) and Charles Babinski is one as well (2015). The pair, built their first brick and mortar endeavor – Go Get ‘Em Tiger Larchmont – after leaving respective Intelligentsia positions and their names quickly gaining increased coffee fame at the breakfast and lunch, market driven Sqirl.

Together Babinski and Glanville have created some signature drinking experiences across Los Angeles from pop-ups to pop-ins and their own coffee watering holes that have become as much a staple in the community they are planted in to those that travel to Los Angeles as a destination. Long lines are nothing for this pair whose ideas on process and management leads to their small business success.

Catch them at the tent where their cursive logo signals you’ve arrived.



@matchabar, Instagram

It’s green. It’s a tea. And it’s trending nature for bring matcha to the people and its cafe has become more than that and isn’t going anywhere… except to the Polo Grounds for the first time this year.

Powered by two brothers they measure, bottle and serve ceremonial grade matcha – honey, mint, apple ginger and the classic matcha for the people’s consumption. Serving energy as one of its brand tenets having a moment of personal ceremony with its matcha is sure to remind you of the power of one hot valley, music and good vibes.

During Coachella they’ll be serving iced matcha and frozen shakes to keep you cool and cool you off as the stages heat up into the night. Om!