music.: Cue The Fog, Denver Coffee Champs, Day 2. Dec 2, 2018

charge it to the game

On the second day of the United States Coffee Championships held in Denver, Colorado another lot of more than two dozen competitors took the stage to compete as a barista for the 2019 title.

There were shout outs to grandmothers, grandfathers, and granny smith apples. There were cool points of frozen cups, frozen spoons and freeze-dried processes.  There were aromatic vapers, melon balls and created fog. There were thematic discussions of hospitality; failing to win, winning the customer with familiarities over ideologies and sustaining coffee farmers with by buying all their farm coffee, commodity included.

Through it all, the topics and the trends, service on the side of the barista and in behalf of the soil that grows coffee, furthered the idea of innovation in coffee service happening with what we have versus who we are.

Seduced into thought by music that underscored a journey that can be likened to the journey of falling in love – a first meet, deeper acquaintance, like, love, a disruption of an accepted status quo, only to return to the genesis of it all – is the movement of this mixtape chronicling day two of Denver Coffee Champs.


To hear Day One’s mixtape, visit here.