music: Dear Leon Bridges |

What I know!

You like coffee. Its on your Twitter header, that counts right.

You have soul, a lot of it.

You like old cars and trucks.

You play a lot of house shows, for now. Bring on the stages.

You’re a storyteller, I’ve been studying yours lyrics and the cadence of the words.

You like vintage, I see the styling – and hemming – of your clothes on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, your feed, its all black and white. I always tell people that I see in black and white so, Hello Mr. Bridges, we’re going to be good friends.

What I want to know?

What music did you grow up listening to?

What vinyl do you own?

Do you walk the streets of Dallas and play music on the sidewalks?

Do you sing in the mirror, because a lot of greats from the era you seem to be inspired by did – just curious, although, no pressure to fit in that box?

Are you a pie guy or a cake man, I’m hoping pie, its so much more interesting?  If its peach cobbler, that goes beyond interesting and quite alright with me.

Will you play every major and indie music festival next year? If, I’ve already bought tickets. #jussayin

Oh, do you know this guy named Moses Sumney, can you and him do a live show together. Silence…. Oh, you’re thinking about it?…. You’ll see. Ok ok, I’m standing by.

Here’s to a long and soulful career Leon.

xoCo [hugs and coffee]