music.: mixtape, DubBC, Breaking Coffee Where Irish Cows Graze, June 22, Day 1.

grab your lab coat

Breaking Bad, AMC

Breaking Bad, AMC


In the millennium, storied city of Ireland where great milk and legends of four leaf clovers abound, stands the set for the 2016 World Barista Competition. Bringing barista competitors who are their nation’s best to a city known for education and the arts among other studies, men and women joined with trays carrying coffee from around the world with stories of their own.

As each competitor took the stage, pulling espresso shot for quads of drinks, for concoctions that could only be for a specialty beverage held down by coffee,they played music and uttered themes of synergy, communication, process in an industry that seeks to become more hospitable to the environment that breeds coffee from a cherry, and a consumer from a roasted bean. Here’s the mixtape soundtrack for Day 1 of the World Barista Competition. Press play.

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