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Somewhere out there,

is something to discover,

a way in –

inside of you.

From Indian Lakes drummer Tohm Ifergan, is an artisan in music and coffee. As the self-appointed barista for the band and a local one at Portola Coffee Lab, I had the chance to chat with him about craft: coffee and music. How does he manage both while the band is on the road?

“We got a couple of pour-over setups, a V60, a kettle, an industrial grinder and a cold brew system. I’ll do a batch of cold brew overnight.  I shoot for 12 hours but when traveling, its hard to do it, our tour manager will be like, ‘lets go,’ and I’m like I just need an hour or more for this coffee.”

Stay tuned for the full interview tomorrow. Meantime, get the album here and plan to catch them on tour here.

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