music.: Adele’s ‘Hello’, And Pot of Tea

a greeting

Adele, 'Hello'

Adele, ‘Hello’

After three years of living as a human, doing what humans do, including having a child, Adele re-enters our sonic consciousness with a washed grain video and song ‘Hello’

A landscape where the details oof hair in the wind, hands emphatically gesturing, eyes extended and gif-like cinematics, she belts harrowing emotion of her and a lover who aren’t reaching one another.

This story is told from the outside – literally out of doors, and from her perspective – looking from the outside of her life, back in on a time where she used to be, with someone she used to be, “california dreaming.”

This beginning with the English’s beloved drink – a pot of tea, a stove and a kettle tipping over with water, setts the scene for a cup of hot and the memories the communing inspires.  This first video and visual is Adele’s return, puts coffee culture at the center of a wonderful communique of story. To imagery, Hello indeed.

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