music.: mixtape, When Baristas Brew in New Orleans, Feb 3, 2018

ten mintues


gibraltar on a stool

Up to thirty baristas were scheduled to compete in United States Coffee Championship held in  New Orleans February 3,4. This occurred on the third.

Coffee Champs brings an industry of coffee professionals to a city where baristas, brewers, roasters compete for the chance to share the story of coffee and its culture with the nation. A coffee competition is as much about coffee as it is about the story of the barista and their interaction with it.

For Day one, baristas come together to gather stories, theirs and a coffee hoping to garner an audience for the ideas, topics and theories that are presented along with them.

Stories like: (Jenna G, Everyman Espresso) elucidating thriving under pressure through bean and person and admonishing to bring a chair to a table along with a couple others; the value of creating consistent experiences in coffee and for customers (Evan, Summit Coffee Co.); working with a coffee whose farmers are the children and grandchildren of a father’s land (Katie Hatch, SpyHouse Coffee);  how flavor, the thing we can perceive in coffee is memory, and summers where we play out in streets until the lights went down, (Brandon Acuña, Fleet Coffee Co.) to presenting a woman forward routine eschewing the power of the supply chain from farmer, roaster and brewer (Jillian Harrick, Joe Van Gogh); or being in an industry where taking risks on coffees and beauty is rewarded (Hugh Cano, Folclor Coffee); and being a barista in a place where art is first and coffee can stand beside it at an Art Museum (Steph Caronna, NC Museum of Art) the stories were brought and told.

This music curated from their playlists during their sets enunciates them and their coffee.

Press play.