music.: Mixtape, ‘Don’t Forget, Nature is Free.’ September 25, 2017

remember what we have



A season shifts and native baskets of emotion come with. I ordered a lot of coffees and sat in a few coffee shops during the bi-annual Fashion Week in New York and beyond. There were days I promise you, that the music and the sights from behind the glass swept me away into my thoughts and into those of others. There were moments when I felt the music was an acute soundtrack at the right time for the stories unfolding before me as humans scrolled phones, shoes clicked out of swinging doors and cheeks greeted others with a kiss.

Here are some of the songs curated from those spaces. With them, the culture welcomes you to fall. Press Play.

Coffee Shops:


The French Block Cafe

Pure Leaf Tea House

Little Canal

Ludlow Coffee Supply

Oliver Coffee and News

Prologue Coffee Room

Saturdays Coffee NYC, West Village