music.: mixtape, être aimé. Paris, France.

play that again



peonies, Paris, 2018

To be loved is to be alive.

Exploring specialty coffee shops of Paris was like experiencing a past and the present at the same time. The culture of coffee shops in Paris is alive and loved by by its inhabitants, its tourists and its temporary residents.

Interestedly enough, the music of Paris’ coffee shops, upon visiting them were a sound familiarly American with sprinkles of music from it’s country’s kind. Proving that coffee shops can be a soundscape of music to tap into, these songs narrated an experience around coffee and beyond it.  Just as the beverages found in a coffee shop can leave an impression so can its music.

I found myself returning to coffee shops for the same drink I had before. And, I found myself returning to coffee shops to explore every drink that I hadn’t as yet tried. Jubilation! Jubilation because, both reasons allowed me to linger and listen to the sounds of desires met and others to be revealed.

Here’s a Paris mixtape curated from the shops I visited, where specialty coffee was and hopefully by many more will be loved.


  • Boot Cafe
  • Cafe Belleville
  • Cafe Oberkampf
  • Coutume
  • Holy Belly
  • Honor Cafe
  • La Maison Plisson
  • Loustic
  • Peonies
  • Telescope
  • Ten Belles