music.: mixtape: It’s Going to Be Okay, Said Coffee.

coffee music in quarantine


Gasoline Alley Coffee, SoHo, NY, Feb 2020

I left Europe a little more than two weeks ago, when it was okay to walk the rues of Paris, chat up a passerby, and still be sandwiched between strangers on the subway.

I got on a plane headed to the United States when it was still okay to be social with family, friends and acquaintances, without a defined number of feet coming distancing us.

When I landed in America, everyday activities involving communal interactions and social intimacy had been disrupted due to COVID-19, a virus attacking the world and by extension the country that I was entering back into.

When I am living in L.A. I live with family, and thus had to take the Governor’s directive for travelers coming from Europe to self-quarantine fourteen days.  I’m grateful there was a place affordable in the center of the city where I could stay, so as not potentially infect or affect my family, amid all the unknowns of the Coronavirus.

Thankfully, I found lodging in a little boutique hotel near some delightful coffee shops that managed to keep their doors open throughout this pandemic. Each morning that I ran – my essential activity for physical health and mental sanity – I rewarded the hour of outside activity with a coffee. Supporting small businesses, where we can, with what we can is an act of love and community at its COVID-19 finest.

While doing so, these were the songs I heard inside.  Over the course of fourteen days, coffee shops adapted to curbside service, walk up service and delivery, keeping the six feet social distance separation in effect. There’s a lot of love in these makeshift coffee takeout bars, have shown so much love, despite this incredible challenge and I heard it. I hope you enjoy listening.


Featured Coffee Shops:

  1. CoFax
  2. Coffee Coffee LA
  3. Comissary
  4. Maru Coffee, Los Feliz
  5. PCP LA