music.: mixtape: Love At First Pull, Featuring LA, NY + Tijuana

pull me


light, near Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, San Diego, CA


It’s normal to split my time in a given month between two cities. It’s also normal to find myself completely enthralled with the musical vibe of a coffee shop upon entrance while being in and out of cities. So many of my memories, maybe yours too, can be traced to sound-music specifically.

When I’m looking to curate a playlist of music from coffee shops I’ve visited, I’m basing my picks on what moves me, as well as what I can perceive moves others.

Have you ever been in a coffee shop and saw your barista moving to a bar, as in the bar of a hip-hop song? Or, have you been distracted from your conversation by a person whose waiting for their order at pick-up and there they are dancing, as if you or anyone there isn’t watching? Perhaps you nod to the beat, perhaps you catch it too. Or have you, dear reader, heard ‘your’ song come on, yes that one? The one that causes you to snap your fingers, thrust your hips and even bounce. Aye!

Well then, this all encompasses what I look for in compiling a mixtape. For this October mixtape, which I called ‘A Sunday Kind of Café’ it’s a love story, as most things are. Its about feeling, falling in love with something sweet, yielding to that sweetness, committing to it and what life and time is like with and without this love. While you listen to the movement of movement from fifteen coffee shops featuring sixteen songs, I hope you hear something wonderful, that touches you on the inside and causes you to move on the outside.

Welcome to October.

Featured Coffee Shops:

  1. Andante Coffee Shop
  2. About Coffee
  3. Bar Nine
  4. CoFax Coffee
  5. Dark Horse Roasters
  6. Dinosaur Coffee Co
  7. Drip Coffee New York
  8. Endorffeine
  9. Little Collins
  10. Ludlow Coffee Supply
  11. Marcy & Myrtle
  12. Nativo Coffee Community
  13. Office Coffee
  14. Paper or Plastic
  15. Petees Pie Co.