music.: mixtape > a rose water rollercoaster, USBC 2017

necessary joy ride

Seattle is currently the cradle of this years’ Specialty Coffee Association where America and Europe now joined together act as voice for coffee.

After Day One’s round of 24 qualifying baristas competed, the semi-finals occurred, full steam ahead with 18 baristas from across the nation. competing for a place in the coveted top final six.

Coffee heralding from terroirs like  Panama, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ecuador, even China,  among others made a cameo. With their presence came ideas of hospitality, technology – frozen green coffee -, the customers experience, use of economic resources, hybrids, diversity, agronomy and sustainable coffee culture.
While these themes – heavy, necessary and culturally appropriate – played out so did the competitors music. Stay tuned for closer analysis of such. For now, press play for a curated mixtape of their sounds.