music.: mixtape.: Some Things The Heart Can’t Feel, October 23, 2017

whose world is this?


These days the act of turning on the news, opening an app or taking a walk down the street could be the act that changes one life forever. Life isn’t something to be taken for granted, this we know, whether our eyes scan a Twitter update, settle on a television station or are alerted by a feed in Instagram notifications – if we even turn them on.

In the world of October, 2017 ,the culture saw natural disasters on its soil and abroad, it heard endless conjectures about the how and why’s of the worst act of mass killing by a lone gunman in American history, when a man went on a human shooting spree from two windows in a Las Vegas hotel.

Whether a disaster by the hands of humans or the elements, in the aftermath, we, the people gather communally, in homes that are still homes and coffee shops to comfort, and heal around the warmth of one another and beliefs of a better future to come.

These were the sounds heard playing in coffee shops out of New York during October, speaking to a nation and people in need of balm.

Coffee Shops:


Brooklyn Kolache Co.

Dottie Audrey’s

Hungry Ghost

La Colombe Coffee

Regular Visitors

Sey Coffee

S,T Coffee

Three Seat Espresso