music.: mixtape, Two of a Different Kind, California August 7, 2017

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cactus, los feliz,

Do you feel it? Does it prick you? Does it make you move? The culture is talking about music. You enter a coffee shop; first it’s an ear perking up to a bop, then a bounce, a shake, a wiggle of the hips, then the shoulders, head and feet come together, all together now. When the body syncopates, like a choir moving to an energy bigger than itself then a coffee shop has created it – the feeling. Good music is a feel good feeling, it takes us to places where we want all our favorite things to come along with us, including coffee, yes tea and matcha too.

Its the middle of the summer and this culture has felt it the prick of good music. Here are the sounds and the coffee shops from The Coffeetographer’s current L.A. stay that has the culture moving like a choir this summer.


Achilles Coffee, San Digeo, CA

Cow Cafe, DTLA

Chimney Coffee, Chinatown LA

Lord Windsor Coffee, Long Beach, CA

Refinery Coffee, Santa Monica, CA

Two Guns Espresso, Manhattan Beach, CA

Wide Eyes Open Palms, Long Beach, CA