music.: mixtape, Who’s Got Your May Flowers?, April 30, 2018

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Love Coffee Bar, Santa Monica

Mapping oneself to a coffee shop is more than directing you to that coveted cup. Its a gateway to the culture of taste makers behind a bar who are multifaceted in their interests including  the arts, mathematics and yes  music.

This mixtape – curated from coffee shops in Los Angeles during the month of April – is for the walkers, the lovers, the dreamers, the curiosity seekers who start and end each day with questioning the status quo, welcoming new ideas and pushing themselves into the nooks and crannies of undefined paths.

The sun is out and so are the clouds. Here’s to tapping our way through May’s blooming flowers.

The Assembly, West Hollywood

Bru Coffee Bar, Los Feliz

Document, Korea Town,

The Grind, Venice,

Kuarto, Long Beach,

Honey Hi, Silverlake,

Love Coffee Bar, Santa Monica,

Recreational Coffee, Long Beach,