music.: Your Morning Brew with this ‘Morning View’ with Towkio, SZA


The song you should be playing with coffee and a view right now.


This soft melody opens with the ultimate greeting ‘Good Morning’ as Towkio poetically describes waking up to a living dream Sza.

When this culture things about making more folds in the sheets, slumbering into the high school mood of let’s play hookey and erasing any idea of adulting with living in a irl dream this song is it.

Now bring the chemex with this chorus.

[Verse 1: Towkio] Good morning, face’s out of pillow sheet
I watch you dream

[Chorus: Towkio] And then I wake up
I think to myself “What a morning view”
When I would like to keep it
Arms reach, I fall in synch with you
Yeah, I said I wake up
I can’t help but think “Ooh what a morning view”
I’d like to keep it
[?] [?] to create
That’s what we want to do
I say “Good“