Music:. Mystery Skulls

Mystery Skulls pc: frank-maddocks

Mystery Skulls pc: frank-maddocks

listening party

Last night Warner Brothers Records held a listening party for Mystery Skulls first album. There’s an intimation within its sounds that solicits the feeling of ‘just let the music play’ so expect to do just that when the album releases Oct 27th. If you can’t wait until then to hear it, if you’re in New York, Mystery Skulls plays CMJ October 25th. For my West Coasters upcoming L.A. play date occurs during Red Bull Sound Selects 30 Days In L.A., November 13th.

Below is the albums track listing, I’ve starred some songs that should be on your radar. Until then, press play on Paralyzed already. And then hear Mystery Skulls remix Nonono, ‘Pumpin Blood’.

Mystery Skulls’ NoNoNo ‘Pumpin Blood’


1. Forever*

2. The Future

3. Paralyzed

4. Hellbent Feat. Snowblood

5. Fantasy*

6. Ghost

7. Magic Feat. Nile Rodgers And Brandy*

8. Number 1 Feat. Brandy And Nile Rodgers

9. When I’m With You

10. Body High

11. Every Note