music notes:. Moses Sumney, The Avalon

wading in the soul water

He appeared to a sea of eyes and iPhones – mine included – in a cuffed onesie with eyes the shape of a tangelo.  Wearing a guitar, like it was a necklace, his voice sang to it like it was parlaying in a old man’s rocking chair. With bundled coils playing a part in the silhouetting of his tall frame, watching him work was like seeing a seasoned farmer; tossing seed, tending ground and reaping so[u]l.

From Dwell in the Dark, Everlasting Sigh, and Alchemy, Sumney gives the spine an excuse to collapse because his lips don’t form unless its ushering sound is perfect. And, to think, some of that perfection he summed up as,  “a little song that I recorded in my friends bedroom.”

I’m glad that its been so in love with this voice that plays all the members on a court of verbal volleyball – air bilabial clicks to Moses Sumney. #cupUp